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Should You Book a Boudoir Session?

Hello beautiful, Yes! Yes, you absolutely should book a session. It's so much more than a photo session, it's a moment for you to feel sexy, be reminded of your super power and celebrate self-love. 

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How can a boudoir session make you feel all those ways?

Boudoir teaches you to love yourself. The process of capturing the image, requires you to be somewhat vulnerable. You’re stepping in front of a camera and a photographer with nowhere to hide. You might even get into some poses that show a lot of you, and that experience can feel quite vulnerable to some women, especially if it’s out of your element. 

But — after the first few poses are over, and you begin to feel comfortable with the camera, you’re inevitably overcome by a feeling of sexiness.  I'll even show you a couple shots on the back of the camera, and guaranteed, you’ll be shocked by how good you look without any editing whatsoever. Through the process of becoming vulnerable, you find those super powers of confidence, beauty and strength. And that’s the feeling, I hope every woman takes the away from their session. 

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